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Chinese baby born 4 years after parents died in a car crash

The child was born after grandparents won a legal battle to use their children's embryos.

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Four years after his parents died in a car crash, a boy in China was born using a surrogate mother and embryos frozen before, the BBC reports

Tiantian was born to a surrogate mother from Laos.

His parents had frozen embryos with the intention to use them for IVF treatment. After their death, the child's grandparents went through a legal battle to acquire the right to use these embryos and to provide them with a grandson. With no legal precedent for the case, it was a struggle. They went to Laos, where commercial surrogacy is legal, and brought the surrogate mother to China, to make sure the child was born on Chinese soil, in order to ensure Chinese citizenship.

The surrogate mother travelled to China on a tourist visa to give birth. All four grandparents had to provide DNA and blood tests to prove the child was their grandson.