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AVG offers free LinkScanner for real-time Web page scanning

AVG breaks out its LinkScanner software from its free suite to offer a free standalone product for real-time Web page scanning.

AVG on Monday will begin offering a free version of its LinkScanner software, which offers real-time scanning of Web pages while surfing or doing Web searches.

LinkScanner, which is currently part of the AVG Free Edition suite, scans a Web page before a surfer visits the page and warns if the page appears to be unsafe.

AVG LinkScanner also offers safety rankings for all organic search results on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Safe pages in searches will have green check marks next to them and unsafe ones will have red "X"es and pop up windows offer more explanation.

AVG LinkScanner scans bookmarks as well as links in e-mails and instant messages before they are opened. Individual pages are scanned separately, so that if one page on a site like Facebook are spreading malware that page will prompt a warning and other pages on the site won't.

There is other software that flags malicious sites in searches. McAfee SiteAdvisor works with Yahoo search results and more than 20 other search engines and Symantec offers ratings on Ask while Google serves up its own warnings in its search results.

The news will be announced at the RSA 2009 security conference which starts on Monday.

AVG LinkScanner puts marks by search results that are unsafe and displays a pop up box with more information when the cursor hovers over the mark. AVG