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The Avengers: Endgame trailer is here, and internet is freaking out

Ronin's return, Shuri's fate, Ant-Man's antics and more.

The first trailer for the freshly titled Avengers: Endgame dropped Friday. For those waiting to find out what's going on with our heroes, take a minute to check in.

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Ready? Good. 

It's been a long road for Marvel fans craving a trailer, and the torrent of rumors about when and where an Avengers 4 trailer would drop haven't exactly helped. But after weeks of speculation, it's here. And the hype is escalating.

For fans wondering where the heck Hawkeye was in Avengers: Infinity War, we got a first glimpse of his appearance in Endgame, and things aren't looking great for him. But his costume does heavily hint at the longstanding fan theory that he will be taking on the Ronin persona.

Ant-Man, meanwhile, seems to be doing perfectly fine after presumably escaping the Quantum Realm.

Although Marvel has tweaked trailers in the past so as not to spoil parts of the film (remember the Hulk being included in Infinity War's final battle?), some sharp-eyed fans noticed what could indicate a sad fate for Shuri.

If you have questions, you're not alone. Here at the significant questions and answers in the new trailer

Avengers: Endgame will be released April 26. Stay tuned with us, Gamespot and for more updates.