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Audiovox, PlayStation 2 roll out

Audiovox improves PS2 for use in automobiles


The immortal PlayStation 2 undergoes yet another transformation, this time courtesy of Audiovox. This almost 9-year-old system is now officially going on the road. You may have seen a PlayStation 2 in a car before, but not like this.

The premier model is an all-in-one overhead unit that appears to look like an in-car DVD system but with the inner working of a PS2. Additional features include accessories such as a 16-channel wireless FM modulator, full color 16:9 wide screen, 10.2-inch display, two wireless game controllers, two fold-flat wireless IR headphones, and a wireless DVD remote control.

Audiovox is releasing two other in-car PlayStation 2 systems: one clamps on to the back of a headrest and a screen-less overhead pop down system with dome lights that links up with your existing in-car DVD player.

You can expect to see these products mid 2009. The exact prices for each model haven't been specified, but the base system starts about $200.