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AT&T to launch five Android devices

AT&T announces its plans for Google Android smartphones.

Dell Mini 3 Dell

LAS VEGAS--On Wednesday, AT&T announced its plans to launch five Google Android smartphones from HTC, Motorola, and Dell during the first half of 2010. The news came during the 4th annual AT&T Developer Summit in Las Vegas and is surely good news for AT&T customers who have been waiting for the carrier to add Android devices to its lineup.

One of the five models will be the Dell Mini 3, which launched in China in late November. AT&T said it will also have a Motorola smartphone powered by Motoblur (see Motorola Cliq) with a "unique form factor" and an HTC smartphone. All will be AT&T exclusives.

In addition to the Android news, company executives announced an initiative to bring applications to more cell phones and not just smartphones and outlined some of the steps it's made to achieve this goal:

  • Partner with Qualcomm to standardize app development for midrange messaging devices using the BREW mobile platform
  • Offer a new AT&T SDK, AT&T Virtual Innovation Lab, and two Innovation Centers to help developers immediately create apps for their devices
  • Future initiatives to allow developers to create apps for AT&T's U-verse TV, emerging consumer electronic devices, and businesses

More apps and Android: certainly not a shabby start to 2010 for AT&T.