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Asus bets on 'Happiness 2.0' to drive growth

Reporting its first-quarter earnings, the company also outlines a plan to be "in search of incredible" with its product designs.

Taiwanese PC maker Asustek said that its shipments will increase in the second quarter as it bets on a "Happiness 2.0" strategy that aims to create so-called hero products that are must-haves.

The company reported first-quarter net income of NT$5.01 billion, up from NT$3.42 billion a year ago. Revenue was NT$90.91 billion, up 23 percent from a year ago.

By product line, Asustek moved 4.1 million Asus notebooks, 900,000 Eee PCs, and 600,000 Eee Pads. For the second quarter, Asustek projects that it will ship 4.4 million notebooks, 1.1 million Eee PCs, and 1.2 million Eee Pads.

Asustek's slide deck was relatively straightforward, but then the company outlined its plan to be "in search of incredible" with its product design.

The master plan is to combine the cloud, beauty, and design into a product juggernaut.

It remains to be seen whether Asus can reach Happiness 2.0, but the company obviously plans to design its way into the mobile game via notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. As for smartphones, Asus is betting its Padfone can make it a key player.