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Arr, mateys! Jump aboard me pirate loft!

Playset should really be made for grown-ups.


It's very important to know that on this blog, there is a Code. Article #1 of the Code states that Crave is a gadget blog, and that its content should be accordingly relevant. However, at the same time, article #76 of the Code states that if something surfaces that is not really a gadget but which falls under one of the categories with which we are openly obsessed, we can blog about it anyway. One of those categories is piracy. Not software piracy, but rather the adventurous, old-fashioned breed of high-seas skullduggery. (Isn't 'skullduggery' the best word ever?)

As a result, we are totally digging the Pirate Loft, a recent hit on Cribcandy. It's got all kind of fun pirate add-ons, like a slide (since I guess you can't really walk the plank from a "loft"). It's built as an "imaginative play" set for preschoolers, but come on, let's be honest. Grown-ups love pirates, too. If this company built a larger-sized model, I'd be all for lobbying CNET to install one in our offices. Of course, the editors might not like the fact that I'd be shirking my journalistic duties in favor of defending the "loft" from the Dread Pirate Will Greenwald.

P.S.: As for the Code, you know, it's not really a set of rules. More like guidelines.