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ARM experiments with server chip design

Known for the processors it supplies to mobile-phone makers, ARM is trying out some low-powered chips for possible use in servers.

ARM is running one of its Web sites on a cluster of ARM-based chips, part of a handful of experiments to test out the viability of using its chip architecture in servers.

The Cambridge, England-based company does not market designs for server processors, concentrating its efforts instead on chips for the mobile phone market--where it dominates--and on early forays into smartbooks and tablets. However, ARM is working on low-powered server chips in response to customer demand, marketing chief Ian Drew told ZDNet UK.

"We've been doing some testing over the past year or so," Drew said on Tuesday. "People talk to us about energy efficiency in a number of different areas, from microcontrollers all the way through to servers. We've been talking to a few semiconductor partners and a number of [manufacturers] in the last couple of years on this."

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