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Are you suffering from smartphone saggy face?

There has, apparently, be an upsurge in people paying lots of money for skin-tightening treatments. One of the main causes is claimed to be the vast amount of time we spend bending over smartphones.

Because so many readers are beautiful -- or at least confident in their rugged looks -- they may not have recently considered a chinplant.

This is not an aggressive move in wrestling. It is a cosmetic surgery procedure that makes your face look less saggy. It costs around $7,000 and I'm sure the results are as stunning as all other forms of cosmetic surgery.

The reason for an alleged surge in chinplants is people's obsession with their smartphones.

As the Daily Mail tells it, leading plastic surgeons believe that technology is at the heart of droopy faces.

We lean over our smartphones and our facial skin hangs away from us, as if it, too, is desperate to see what a cat can do with a basketball and a toilet paper roll on YouTube.

Indeed, even so-called marionette lines -- those creases from the corner of your mouth that sometimes extend down to your chin -- might be caused by your constantly bent head.

The Mail quotes the American Society of Plastic Surgeons president, Dr. Malcolm Roth, offering very disturbing news: "The chin and jawline are among the first areas to show signs of aging."

And the proliferation of Skype and FaceTime have only enhanced our severe disturbance with our outward selves.

My face has still not returned to normal after leaning that Dr. Robert Sigal of the Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Virginia launched a FaceTime face-lift earlier this year. (I have embedded your reminder.)

Dr. Sigal claimed that it was his wife who had inspired this procedure, as she just didn't really like how she looked on Apple's face-to-face communication system.

However, it is teens who are one of the growth sectors of plastic surgery. Yes, I did say teens.

I am not entirely sure whether technology can encourage us to be any more self-obsessed. However, because this is essentially a self-help blog, I would like to offer a solution that might save you $7,000.

When you text or stare into your smartphone, keep your chin up. No need to thank me. My pleasure. You look beautiful.