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Arbor rolls out new analysis tools

Just in time for fiscal year-end audits, Arbor Software releases Arbor Essbase Objects 1.1 and Arbor Wired for OLAP 3.1.

Just in time for fiscal year-end audits, Arbor Software is rolling out a series of new analysis tools.

The Sunnyvale, California-based firm announced today the release of Arbor Essbase Objects Version 1.1 and Arbor Wired for OLAP (online analytical processing) Version 3.1.

Arbor Essbase Objects is an Active X-based development tool designed to let users build analytical applications such as sales and marketing analysis, financial analysis, management reporting, and budgeting. The tool is also for building either client-server or Web-based applications. It also relies heavily on components, software code bundled together into different functions for easy reuse.

It is available immediately for Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT operating systems. Essbase Objects 1.1 costs $10,000 per Arbor Essbase server.

Arbor Wired for OLAP 3.1 is an enhanced reporting tool designed for several OLAP servers hitting the market, namely Arbor's Essbase OLAP server, IBM's DB2 OLAP Server, and Microsoft's new OLAP server code-named Plato.

It is a presentation, analysis, and reporting tool suite that takes advantage of the OLAP capability in the new servers. It is available immediately for $595 per user.