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Apple's Tim Cook solicits questions for employee meeting

In a break from the company's usual schedule, Apple's chief executive calls a companywide meeting but keeps mum on what will be discussed.

Apple CEO Tim Cook at an event unveiling new products, including the iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display, in San Francisco on October 22. James Martin / CNET

Apple CEO Tim Cook will hold a special, companywide meeting on Tuesday.

In an e-mail on Monday, which was posted by blog site 9to5Mac, Cook reassured employees that "Apple's business has never been stronger," adding that he wants to hold an "employee communications meeting" at 9 a.m. PT on Tuesday. Cook didn't say what will be discussed at the meeting, but told employees that they can submit questions that will be answered during the meeting.

Apple usually holds annual companywide meetings and blasts those across the globe through its internal service AppleWeb. However, most of those meetings occur after Apple's first-quarter results are announced in the new year, not after its fiscal fourth quarter. It's not clear whether Apple will hold another meeting next quarter or if it has decided to change its annual meeting schedule.