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Apple's iPhone wins second J.D. Power award

After being tops in business smartphone customer satisfaction last year, company has now won similar award measuring consumer satisfaction, outranking the competition on everything but battery life.

Apple outdistanced the competition in consumer smartphone customer satisfaction ratings from J.D. Power. Screenshot by Tom Krazit/CNET

Apple's iPhone has won another J.D Power award for customer satisfaction among consumers, after taking the business crown last year.

J.D. Power and Associates released the results of a customer satisfaction study measuring consumer tastes on Thursday, and ranked the iPhone highest among smartphone consumers judging five factors: ease of operation, operating system, features, physical design, and battery function. Apple scored particularly well in everything but battery life, which appears to be a sore spot for iPhone owners.

The iPhone received an overall score of 791 on a 1,000-point scale, ahead of LG's 772 points and Samsung's 759 points. The industry average was 751 points, and overall smartphone satisfaction rose since J.D. Power's last survey in November 2008, it said.

Apple won a similar award from J.D. Power last year for business smartphone customer satisfaction.