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Apple's iMessage, FaceTime experiencing problems

Apple's two digital communication services, iMessage and FaceTime, are down for "some users."


Two of Apple's communication networks, iMessage and FaceTime, are currently experiencing outages for some users.

According to Apple's fancy system status page, the issues for the two services began just after noon PT.

iMessage, of course, is Apple's proprietary messaging platform that works between iOS and OS X users. FaceTime is the company's live video chat service, also for those two platforms. Affected users report being unable to send or receive iMessages or FaceTime video calls.

This is not the first outage for either service, though iMessage has historically experienced more problems. This latest follows one from last November, and two others from September and October, that left many unable to use the service.

In January, Apple said that iMessage users were sending more than 2 billion messages a day on the service. For iPhone users, those are often in place of text messages when sending to another iOS device.

The outage was spotted earlier today by The Next Web.

Update at 4:50 p.m. PT: Both services continue to be disrupted. No word yet from the company on when a fix is coming. Service was reinstated at 5:30 p.m. PT.