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Apple's core strategy

Apple is on a roll with consecutive quarters of positive earnings and hints that a low-cost Macintosh could come by year's end.

Apple Computer is on a roll with consecutive quarters of positive earnings on the strength of G3 system sales, but not all those relying on the Macintosh platform are seeing an upside. In addition, executives are still vague about the company's CEO search and its low-cost computer strategy, hinting that a sub-$1,000 consumer desktop could be offered by the end of the year.

Second good quarter for Apple
update The Mac maker posts a $55 million profit for the second fiscal quarter, reversing a loss of $708 million in the year-ago period.

G3 systems lead Apple profits
news analysis Its second straight profitable quarter seems to owe to its line of Power Macintosh G3 systems, first introduced last November.

Partners not as happy as Apple
update While Apple reports profits, Mac-dependent companies are posting disappointing earnings and blaming slow Mac sales.

Ellison sings Jobs's praises
update Oracle's CEO criticizes press reports about the interim Apple chief and says he has not been part of the interview process for the top spot at Apple.