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Apple wins six design patents in Hong Kong for iOS icons

The company's icons include Siri, Notes, and iMessage, according to a registration document.


Apple has been awarded a handful of patents in Hong Kong for the design of its iOS icons.

The company applied for the design patents in June 2012, according to registration documents obtained by Patently Apple. The design patents were awarded by officials in Hong Kong on Friday. According to an image included in the patent application, Apple won design awards for its Siri icon, iMessage, and Notes, among others. It won a total of six design patents.

Apple has been very protective over its icon designs in the past. Last year, in fact, Apple alleged in its ongoing lawsuit with Samsung that its chief competitor was violating its icon designs. After designing new icons, Apple has historically patented them quickly in the many markets it offers products. It appears it has done it again this time around.