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Apple to limit third-party tracking in kids apps, report says

Perhaps we'll learn more Monday at WWDC.


Apple aims to protect children's privacy, according to The Wall Street Journal. 

James Martin/CNET

Privacy is a primary focus for some of the biggest tech companies, and Apple is reportedly taking another step in protecting children from being tracked.

The iPhone maker will begin limiting third-party tracking in apps listed under the kids category in the App Store, according to a Friday story from The Wall Street Journal. The story is about the Journal's test of 80 apps, most of which are promoted in Apple's App Store as "Apps We Love." All but one used third-party trackers for marketing, ads or analytics, the story says.

Earlier in the week, Apple listed its approval process and guidelines for apps in the App Store. It says it will ensure apps are held to a "high standard for privacy, security and content." The company also began clamping down on iPhone parenting apps that allowed parents to manage their children's phones over privacy concerns. It even opened a site called, but has yet to add any content.

Apple didn't reply to a request for comment, but the Journal suggested that it may have more about changes to privacy on Monday at its upcoming WWDC 2019.

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