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Apple to begin selling iPhone 4 in China

Wi-Fi-enabled phone will be available at Apple Stores in Shanghai and Beijing on Saturday.

Apple's iPhone 4 is heading to the Chinese market.
Apple's iPhone 4 is heading to the China market. Apple

Apple will begin selling the Wi-Fi-enabled iPhone 4 in China on Saturday, the company announced today.

A 16GB model will sell for about $743 and the 32GB version for about $892 without a contract at all Apple Stores in China. The phone will also be available through telecom carrier China Unicom with a two-year contract at prices that Apple did not detail.

Apple announced earlier this week that it would begin selling the Wi-Fi-only iPad in China on Friday with the same features as the current version of the iPad available elsewhere around the world. However, Apple did not immediately make the 3G version available for purchase and there was no word when or if it would be.

The iPhone 3G went on sale in China last October, but with 3G cellular service only and not Wi-Fi. Chinese regulations didn't allow Wi-Fi devices that did not use the country's own wireless standard, called WAPI (Wired Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure). Apple chose to introduce the iPhone, but with Wi-Fi disabled, in order to get its foot in the door of the Chinese market.