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Apple stops blocking Microsoft's Skydrive app for iOS

Microsoft makes changes to its cloud storage app for the first time since June, which indicates that Apple is no longer blocking its updates in the App Store.


Microsoft released an update of its SkyDrive for iOS app today, indicating that Apple is no longer blocking the app's updates from the App Store.

Until today, Microsoft hadn't updated its cloud storage service app since June 1. This was reportedly due to a dispute between Microsoft and Apple over fees. The app's 3.0 version includes support for iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini, and the ability to download full resolution photos to an iPhone or iPad.

In December, a report surfaced that Microsoft allegedly didn't want to pay Apple a 30 percent fee for customers who purchased additional storage through the app. As a result, Apple was blocking the app updates until Microsoft agreed to share the revenue generated through the SkyDrive iOS app.