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Apple shipped record-breaking 20 million iPads last quarter, analyst says

Charlie Wolf with Needham & Company initially believed that Apple would ship 13.5 million iPads during the period.


There's no slowing Apple's iPad shipments, according to one analyst.

Charlie Wolf, an analyst at Needham & Company, wrote to investors today that Apple shipped 20 million iPads during the three-month period ended June, according to AppleInsider, which obtained a copy of his comments. Wolf initially said that Apple would ship 13 million iPads during the quarter.

If Apple actually shipped that many iPads last quarter, it would set a new record for the company. During the same period last year, Apple sold 9.25 million iPads. During the first quarter of the year, iPad sales hit 11.8 million. Apple's tablet has become so popular, Wolf argues, according to AppleInsider, that it'll soon eclipse the iPhone in sales.

"In our view, it's only a matter of time before iPad shipments exceed iPhone shipments," Wolf said, according to AppleInsider. "The iPad is invading the business market at a much faster pace than the iPhone. In addition, the iPad will launch in China on July 20th. This should provide a significant boost in sales now that Apple is providing Chinese languages and services on its iOS platform."

Apple will announce its financials for the three months ended June on July 24. It's worth noting that Apple announces sales figures, while Wolf reportedly cited shipments. Therefore, his figure could be slightly inflated compared to actual sales.