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Apple says Samsung violated court order in patent case

Samsung didn't fully comply with a judge's order asking for the source code for certain products, claims Apple in a court filing reported by Bloomberg.

Apple appears to be stirring up more legal headches for Samsung.

In a court document filed yesterday, Apple reportedly accused Samsung of only partially complying with a court order requiring the Korean handset maker to provide source code for the products involved in a patent suit, according to Bloomberg.

Samsung allegedly produced code for just one version of its 4G smartphones and Galaxy Tab tablets accused of patent infringement, Apple claimed in its filing. But the iPhone maker has contended that it needs to examine the source code for all versions of the products in question in order to prepare for an August 25 court case.

Neither Apple nor Samsung immediately responded to CNET's request for comment.

The two companies have been hurling a string of lawsuits at each other throughout the world over the past year, all alleging patent infringement over various products and technologies.

Earlier this month, a judge in Germany dismissed two lawsuits, one from Apple claiming that Samsung violated a slide-to-unlock patent and another from Samsung alleging that Apple had violated a patent over 3G/UMTS functionality.

But the legal battle continues merrily on as both companies await further interim decisions before squaring off for their major courtroom showdown in August.