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Apple revs AppleWorks software

Apple takes a step toward revitalizing its consumer and education offerings by releasing a new version of its AppleWorks productivity software.

Apple Computer took a step toward revitalizing its consumer and education offerings today by releasing a new version of its AppleWorks software for Macintosh computers.

In addition, Apple subsidiary Filemaker released an updated version of its popular database software, Filemaker Pro, that can import information from databases such as Oracle 7 and a Microsoft SQL Server without using the SQL programming language.

In January of this year, Apple's Claris subsidiary was reorganized, with responsibility for development and distribution of the ClarisWorks productivity suite and various other software products falling back into Apple's lap.

Claris kept the Filemaker software along with a Web site development program, and was renamed Filemaker Incorporated. Additionally, the ClarisWorks suite of word processing, database, spreadsheet, and other programs was renamed AppleWorks.

Since then, Apple's moribund consumer PC lineup has been energized with the hot-selling iMac, which comes bundled with the AppleWorks software. Apple is also intent on selling the iMac to the education market, where the AppleWorks suite is the leading productivity software in the K-12 education market, according to the company.

In conjunction with the release of the software, Apple said it launched a special Web site that would provide tips and other resources for customers using the AppleWorks software.

AppleWorks version 5 is now available for $99, Apple said. Upgrades from previous versions are available for $79.

Filemaker Pro 4.1 is available in both Mac and Windows versions. Estimated retail price of the software is $199 in the U.S., with upgrades from previous version priced at $149. Volume pricing information is available from the company.