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Apple releases Boot Camp beta for Vista

Apple's iTunes software might not be totally ready for Windows Vista just yet, but Mac users will now be able to run Vista on their Intel-based systems with a new release of Boot Camp.

It's still officially a beta product, but the newest version of Boot Camp now works with the 32-bit version of Vista and also includes support for updated drivers and the Apple Remote. Those interested in downloading the new software can find it here on Apple's site.

A week ago, a claimed that Apple would be delaying Leopard, the next scheduled release of Mac OS X, until October because of Vista compatibility concerns related to Boot Camp. Apple has said it plans to include Boot Camp as a full production release inside Leopard.

But with a Vista-friendly beta now available, the reasoning behind that report seems a bit out of whack. The new Boot Camp software reiterates Apple's previously disclosed schedule through this line, delivered upon conclusion of the download process: "Boot Camp is just one of many new features in Mac OS X Leopard, the next major release of Mac OS X, due out by Spring of 2007."