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Apple quietly trims down older iPad Smart Cover, Case line

Apple's trimmed back its Smart Cover and Smart Case line for older iPad models, leaving just a single color.

Apple's 2011 Smart Cover lineup.
Apple's 2011 Smart Cover lineup. Apple

If you want a colorful cover or case for your older iPad, you'll no longer get it through Apple.

Alongside the launch of its iPad Air tablet, the company quietly shelved all but one color for both its iPad Smart Cover and Smart Case accessories for second- through fourth-generation iPads.


Apple will continue to sell the polyurethane accessories, which run for $39 and $49 respectively, but only in a dark gray color.

Those who want one of the five other (now discontinued) colors will have to find it from another retailer, or go with another similar accessory, which Apple still sells on its online store.

The change was spotted earlier Wednesday by iLounge.

The older Smart Cover design was introduced alongside the iPad 2 in 2011, and continues with the iPad Air and iPad Mini. Apple later added to it with a Smart Case, which ditches the magnets and fits the entire tablet in a protected compartment.

Apple changed the design of the covers with the new iPad Air, which is narrower than previous models, adopting the same portrait-style design found in last year's iPad Mini. Nonetheless,Apple's still selling the iPad 2 alongside its newer tablets, leaving reason to keep this accessory around.