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Apple now hosts 900,000 apps in App Store

Apple CEO Tim Cook touts the latest stats for the App Store at the Worldwide Developers Conference.


Apple's App Store is now home to 900,000 apps.

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the latest stats at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on Monday.

Among the 900,000 apps, 90 percent of them are downloaded each month, while 375,000 of them are geared for the iPad. In total, 50 billion apps have been downloaded since the App Store opened for business. July will mark the App Store's fifth birthday.

The App Store also holds around 575 million store accounts, with Cook touting that the store has "more accounts with credit cards than anyone else on the Internet, that we're aware of."

Overall, Apple has paid iOS developers $10 billion to date, with $5 billion of that just from this year. Getting in a dig at Android and other mobile platforms, Cook said the App Store's payout to developers is more than three times the amount shelled out by its rivals.