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Apple might unwrap iPad Mini on Oct. 23

iPad Mini rumored to be revealed soon, Best Buy to thwart "showrooming" this holiday, and PC makers take preorders for the many flavors of Windows 8 computers.

Friday's CNET Update is scanning for sales:

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Best Buy plans to match prices on Amazon this holiday season, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Today's tech news roundup dives into the trend of "showrooming" and how you can use apps to get the best price at the register.

There's a fresh report on the iPad Mini. All Things Digital says Apple will reveal the smaller tablet at a news event on Oct. 23. But of course we won't know for sure until Apple breaks its silence. Pricing will be a big question, since Google and Amazon set $200 as the mark to beat. But don't count on Apple to make it $200. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said the Kindle Fire HD is sold at cost, so it doesn't make profit on the tablet. It's been estimated that Apple makes 40 percent profit on the iPad.

Preorders are now open for Windows 8. A hard-copy disc will cost $70, but downloading the upgrade is $40. (That price will go up after January 2013.) If you bought a Windows 7 computer since June 2, the upgrade costs $15.

You can also preorder Windows 8 computers. There are many flavors of tablets/laptops/hybrids that will be available starting Oct. 26. Perhaps one of the more unique hybrids is the Sony Vaio Tap 20. Watch today's video to see what I mean.


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