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Apple delays shipment of some iPad accessories

Apple's iPad will ship on April 3, but some of the accessories made for the device won't.

When Apple unveiled the iPad in January, it also introduced several accessories for the device, but not all of them will be available when the iPad ships April 3.


Apple has five accessories for the iPad: a keyboard dock, case, dock, 10W USB power adapter, and dock connector to VGA adapter.

The ship date for the iPad keyboard dock, a device that combines a dock for charging your iPad with a full-size keyboard, has been pushed back to May, according to a story on Electronista. The 10W USB power adapter, which lets you charge your iPad directly through an electrical outlet, has also been delayed until May.

The iPad case will now ship in mid-April, according to the Apple Store.

Apple representatives were not immediately available for comment.

Two iPad accessories will ship on the same day as the iPad. The iPad dock and the iPad dock connector to VGA adapter are both scheduled to ship on April 3, the same day the iPad ships.