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Apple boss defends high prices, hints at Apple television

Apple boss Tim Cook has said once again that TV is an area of "intense interest", as well as defending his company's high prices.

Turning on your television is like going back in time -- and Apple may be about to change that. That's according to Apple boss Tim Cook, who has said once again that TV is an area of "intense interest" for the company, fuelling rumours about a possible 'iTV'.

Speaking to Bloomberg Businessweek, Apple boss Tim Cook wouldn't be drawn any further on plans for an Apple telly. But he did describe Apple's "maniacal focus on making the best products in the world. Not good products, or a lot of products, but the absolute best products in the world.

"A great product doesn't mean an expensive product," says Cook, although anyone who's ever been in an Apple Store might disagree. "What we wouldn't do is say, 'We've got to have something for this price, and then let's see what we can do for it.' That's not how we think."

He describes Apple as being "supersecretive" in protecting future products, although it's noticeable that under his tenure Apple's legendary veil of secrecy has slipped somewhat -- the iPhone 5's new features rank as perhaps the worst-kept secrets in the company's history.

Cook revealed how much he loves being the boss of Apple, leading "in my opinion the best designer in the world, the top silicon expert in the world, the best operational executive in the world, and the best leaders in marketing, software, hardware and services."

On the subject of Apple's legal battles with Samsung and other Android manufacturers, Cook offers an excellent piece of understatement when he describes the spat as "awkward". He adds that he "hates" litigation -- but not enough to drop the legal challenges, obviously.

The Apple boss also paid tribute to his predecessor Steve Jobs, a "dear friend" who instructed Cook never to think what he would have done.

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