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Another big new Apple release, already?

If you're allergic to rumors, it's probably best to tune out for the next week or so. Apple Computer has scheduled another big event for Oct. 12, this time providing no clues other than a teasing tagline "One more thingÂ…" on the invitation.

It was only last month that the company released its iPod Nano and the Motorola Rokr iTunes-enabled cell phone. Now Apple aficionado site Apple Insider is reporting that its sources have seen a video iPod, a long-rumored device that many expected to be introduced last month.

The company has spent several months aquiring rights to distribute a large number of music videos from record labels, and label executives have previously said they had been told of a forthcoming video-enabled iPod.

An Apple spokeperson declined to give any more detailed information on the company's plans. The event will be held in a theater in downtown San Jose.