Animations reveal shocking violence at Dude Corp.

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The managers at Dude Corp. should expect a visit from their OSHA representative in due time--assuming the government tracks animated fiction.

The killer fans, ejector-seat Aeron chairs and unsecured ice-skating rinks depicted on these four short videos by Rubberductions in London show a typical day at the apocryphal Dude Corp. in all its gory glory. They're also an excellent example of the type of video that's expected to appeal to mobile-phone users.

Phone carriers and moviemakers are getting ready for the advent of mobile video, which is already common in some parts of the world. Participants in a recent panel discussion at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, Calif., argued that mobile phones could be a way for filmmakers to distribute short films made for festivals to a wider audience.

Their advice? Keep the characters and story line simple, direct and short. No one will watch "The Lord of the Rings" on a mobile phone, but short "video snacks" could appeal to people looking to kill a few minutes of time.

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