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Animal Crossing now lets players add acne, tattoos, mastectomy scars

From C-section scars to cellulite, players can use new design codes to personalize their character.


Animal Crossing New Horizons players can now design their in-game characters to reflect the look of their own skin.


Gamers can now make their Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters look even more representative of themselves. Razor-maker Gillette Venus is offering a new variety of free custom designs to allow players to add freckles, acne, cellulite, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, vitiligo, tattoos, psoriasis and more to their in-game characters. 

How to get them? There's an online catalog of the different looks, with such names as "psoriasis swagger," "rockin' rosacea," and "vitiligo vibe," among others. The online catalog offers free custom design codes which add a player's chosen looks into the game.

"We're bringing IRL skin to #ACNH so that more players can feel represented in the gaming world," Gillette Venus said in a tweet sent Friday.

Gillette Venus partnered with digital designer Nicole Cuddihy to create the new avatar designs. The game can now offer 19 different skin types in eight different skin tones. Characters can now utilize a prosthetic limb, add birthmarks, moles or freckles, or display C-section or mastectomy scars, among other options.

"As I designed, I thought of those in my own life who represent each skin type," Cuddihy said in a statement. "I wanted to create designs I knew they would cherish -- a bright dress for my confident friend who never hides her acne, a fashionable look for my artistic friend with a deep scar, and a feminine, lacy top for my courageous aunt who underwent a mastectomy."

On Aug. 31 beginning at 7 p.m. ET, the company will host an Animal Crossing beach event on YouTube Live featuring a surprise celebrity.

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