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Amplidyne soars on wireless product

Shares of tiny Amplidyne Inc. (Nasdaq: AMPD) were up 50 percent Friday, just more padding after a 220 percent run-up Thursday. Who needs the IPO market with performance like that?

Amplidyne soared after the company unveiled a new set of products for high-speed wireless Internet access.

The maker of wireless amplifiers was up 5 to 15 1/8, the most active Nasdaq issue Friday morning.

Amplidyne ended up 7 at 10-1/8, or 224 percent, Thursday on the Nasdaq, where it was the third biggest percentage gainer and the fourth most active stock on volume of more than 17 million shares.

Amplidyne said its new products allow it to give subscribers Internet access about 35 times faster than conventional connections. The company also said it was faster than the Bluetooth system, a wireless communications system that allows different electronic devices to communicate with one another.

Amplidyne's wireless Internet access service would be high speed in both directions, unlike other services presently in operation, it said.

The company also said its service would provide continuous high-speed wireless Internet access at a fraction of the cost of wired Internet service. An Amplidyne Access Point Device, located at the subscribers' location would connect to a wired LAN (Local Area Network). This will enable all computers on that network to have continuous high speed wireless internet access at a fraction of the cost of having wired internet service (such as a T1 line) brought to their home office, office or enterprise.

By using rooftop antennas, line-of-sight links up to 50 miles long would be possible, the company said. Amplidyne's high speed connection will be available automatically 24 hours a day -- no dialing or user intervention is necessary.

No analysts currently cover Amplidyne.

Reuters contributed to this report.