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AMD server chips draw new backing

Advanced Micro Devices gets votes of confidence for its high-end chips from Microsoft and Sun.

Advanced Micro Devices gets votes of confidence for its high-end chips from a pair of tech notables. Microsoft plans to deliver versions of Windows for AMD's forthcoming 64-bit processors. Sun, broadening its server reach, will likely adopt the Opteron processor.

Microsoft plans to deliver two specialized versions of its Windows operating system software for Advanced Micro Devices' forthcoming 64-bit processors.
April 9, 2003

Sun Microsystems will likely adopt the Opteron processor from Advanced Micro Devices as it extends into new branches of the server market.
April 8, 2003

newsmakers Dirk Meyer helped rescue Advanced Micro Devices from a tight spot once before. Now the company is hoping he can do the trick again.
April 8, 2003

AMD, HP, IBM, Intel and Microsoft aim to make hardware encryption and security part of all computing platforms with the announcement of the Trusted Computing Group.
April 8, 2003

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Advanced Micro Devices has brewed two new advanced transistor designs that it says will lead to higher chip performance.
April 2, 2003

update Advanced Micro Devices and Fujitsu will combine their flash memory operations in a new company to cut costs, lower prices and speed up production in a difficult market.
March 31, 2003