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Amazon won't require masks for fully vaccinated warehouse workers

The company is ending a mask mandate for vaccinated workers in its fulfillment centers. Amazon hasn't required workers to get vaccines.


The company has given away cash and cars to encourage workers to get vaccinated.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Amazon's warehouse workers can soon take off their masks if they're fully vaccinated. The company will lift its mask requirement on Tuesday, unless the warehouse is in a state or region where masks are still legally required for vaccinated workers, as reported earlier by a report from CNBC.

"We continue to evaluate all of our temporary COVID-19 safety measures," an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement, "making adjustments in alignment with public health authority guidance and our own medical experts to prioritize the health and safety of employees."

Unlike other tech companies like MicrosoftFacebook and Google, the retail giant has avoided requiring vaccines for its in-person employees as it races to hire enough staff to operate its growing network of e-commerce fulfillment sites. The company is also offering signing bonuses and higher starting pay for new employees.

To encourage higher vaccination rates, the company has offered the chance to win cash and cars in lotteries for vaccinated employees. The company is also paying hourly workers $40 per vaccine dose and hosting on-site vaccination clinics.