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Al Gore backs environmental top-level domain

Al Gore and his philanthropic organization, the Alliance for Climate Protection, are supporting a group applying for the top-level domain .eco.

As the organization responsible for overseeing Internet domains prepares to expand the number of top-level domains available, Al Gore is advocating for a special domain to promote environmental awareness.

Two Internet entrepreneurs have formed Dot Eco LLC for the purpose of securing the .eco domain through the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers' new gTLD application process.

The group announced Thursday at ICANN's Mexico City meeting that it has entered into an "integrated partnership" with Gore and his philanthropic organization, the Alliance for Climate Protection.

"We fully support Dot Eco LLC in its efforts to secure the .eco top-level domain through the ICANN application process and look forward to working with Dot Eco LLC to promote .eco," Gore said, according to a Dot Eco release. "This is a truly exciting opportunity for the environmental movement and for the Internet as a whole."

Dot Eco said in its release it is interested in establishing the domain "for individuals to express their support for environmental causes, for companies to promote their environmental initiatives, and for environmental organizations to maintain their Web sites in a namespace that is more relevant to their core missions."