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Adidas Xbox sneaker celebrates Microsoft console's 20th anniversary

A trailer celebrates 2001 skating culture.

Adidas Xbox sneakers

Adidas' Xbox sneakers are appropriately green.


Xbox on Wednesday revealed an Adidas sneaker that celebrates the 20th anniversary of Microsoft's original game console. The footwear includes the Xbox logo and translucent green details to mirror those of the special edition console that came out with Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001.

The sneaker was showcased in a nostalgic trailer inspired by that era's skating culture (and people playing Halo).

It seems like these sneakers will only be available via Microsoft giveaways, but a different style will be available for purchase in the future. We'll also see more Xbox-inspired styles, according to Xbox marketing manager James Monosmith.

"This is just the beginning of our partnership with Adidas, and over the next few months we'll continue to mark our 20th anniversary by launching additional sneakers inspired by past and present Xbox console generations," the company said in a blog post.