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Tech Industry

A glimpse of the PC's future

The PC-TVs exhibited at Comdex may point toward the future of home computing.

The PC-TVs exhibited at Comdex may point toward the future of home computing.

Major PC manufacturers such as Compaq and Gateway 2000 and consumer electronics companies such as Philips will be showcasing their newest PC-TVs, hybrids of cutting-edge PC technology and the newest in home electronics. Meanwhile TV manufacturers such as Sanyo Electronics have released TVs with built-in computing capability, approaching convergence from the opposite direction.

Importantly, Cyrix is expected to demonstrate its technology for inexpensive PC-TV hybrids. PC-TVs are currently priced well over $3,000, but Cyrix aims at reducing the price of these systems closer to the $1,000 mark.

Gateway touts satellite capability
Digital satellite-signal reception technology takes the convergence of personal computers and televisions into new territory.

Philips announces PC-TV
Philips is shipping a PC-TV that features a 233-MHz MMX Pentium processor, digital surround sound, and a DVD drive.

Compaq adds DVD to PC-TV
The announcement joins other releases this week that expand upon the PC-TV concept.

Sanyo puts Net access in TVs
The Sanyo Internet television has built-in Net technology that eliminates the need for a separate Internet connection device.

Cyrix chip targets convergence
Cyrix and electronics partners are touting a new all-in-one device that's supposedly more versatile than a set-top box and going to cost $1,000 within a year.