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A glimpse inside Foxconn's iPhone plant

A Chinese news site gets a rare tour of Foxconn's plant in Zhengzhou, China, where iPhones are made -- a treat for all factory nerds, let alone Apple fans.

An image from a news video taken inside Foxconn's plant in Zhengzhou, China, where iPhones are made. iFeng/Screenshot by Michelle Meyers/CNET

Calling all factory nerds, especially those with a taste for Apple. Here's a rare video (below) taken inside Foxconn's newly constructed facility in Zhengzhou, China, where iPhones are manufactured.

The 4-minute video report from Chinese news site iFeng is in Chinese without subtitles and offers little in the way of details about iPhone production or even working conditions. But it does give you a good sense of the facility's scale, and it's exciting to see iPhones in the making.

In the video, an iFeng reporter is taken on a tour of the production line by Foxconn CEO Terry Gou. They start off on a helicopter ride that shows off the factory's size from a bird's-eye view. The 5.6-square-kilometer plant (about 3.5 square miles) is bigger than any other in Zhengzhou and has the largest living area for its 115,000 workers, according to The Next Web's translation of the report. And Gou adds that wasteland around the factory is being reserved for further expansion.

Inside the facility, the tour begins where iPhone 4S displays are made and then they move onto motherboards. "The motherboard area produces 10,000 units a day," The Next Web translates from the video. They then step into a clean room where the cameras are assembled.

ABC's Nightline in February visited the Zhengzhou plant, but its stories were more about themes of overworked employees who complain of long hours, little overtime, and poor living conditions and less on production itself.

In March, Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the Zhengzhou facility as the company grappled with criticism over its handling of working conditions in its supply chain.

And in April, Rob Schmitz, the public radio journalist who exposed Apple commentator Mike Daisey's fabrications regarding working conditions at a Chinese electronics factory, got access to a Foxconn factory floor, but it was at the Longhua facility in the city of Shenzhen, where Apple's iPad is produced.