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A 14-carat-gold necklace made from fast food? Yup

This custom jeweler made gold necklaces out of chicken bones from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Because... Kentucky!

A 14k gold necklace made from fried chicken bones: finger-licking good?Kentucky for Kentucky

Though Kentucky is responsible for several awesome things (bourbon and the tune behind the "Happy Birthday" song to name a few), the state is perhaps best known for fried chicken.

To celebrate this wonderful tasty creation, the folks at Kentucky for Kentucky, a promo site for all things Kentucky, came up with an unexpected new way to immortalize fried chicken. Their idea? To make a gold necklace out of an actual fried chicken bone from a KFC dinner. To accomplish such a feat, Kentucky for Kentucky turned to Meg Carroll, a Kentucky-based jeweler who makes handmade custom jewelry.

As a good Kentucky gal herself, Meg was excited to help make this dream a reality. She told Crave she loves collaborating with Kentucky for Kentucky "and coming up with outside-of-the box pieces."

This one's about as far outside the box as they come, so of course she was excited to get involved. She and her boyfriend set out to their local KFC, and ordered some chicken. After eating about 25 wings, Meg spent countless hours cleaning the bones, painting them with varnish and a graphite conductive paint, electroforming them with copper and, finally, plating them in 14-karat gold.

The entire process took about a month from start to finish, and the final product looks like a fine piece of jewelry that could be worn on any occasion, even those that don't involve mashed potatoes and cole slaw. When the 20 chicken bone necklaces went on sale last Friday, they sold out almost immediately. But there may be hope for those who missed out on the sale. Meg told Crave she "believes we will be doing another batch, but that's not confirmed yet."