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9 great reads from CNET this week

How Apple TV Plus puts the gadget giant in an unfamiliar underdog role, what last year's Google walkout did for tech industry activism, and is Facebook actually censoring conservatives?

It was a big week in the streaming world, first with a reveal Tuesday of all the details about HBO Max, which will cost $15 a month starting in May. Then, on Friday, we saw the launch of Apple TV Plus, the gadget giant's $5-a-month service.

Meanwhile, Google is buying Fitbit for $2.1 billion and Twitter said it would stop selling political ads, a move that distinguishes it from Facebook and its decision not to censor ads by politicians -- even when they're inaccurate. Despite that controversial stance, Facebook is still growing.

Here are the week's stories you don't want to miss: 

Is Facebook censoring conservatives or is moderating just too hard?

The company says it makes moderation errors. Others, particularly conservatives, see censorship.

Robert Rodriguez/CNET

Apple TV Plus puts Apple in an unfamiliar underdog role

But the streaming wars are a fight Apple isn't likely to lose.


Marvel is censoring films for China, and you probably didn't even notice

There's a whole other layer to Marvel films that's bringing in big dollars in the world's biggest market.

Robert Rodriguez/CNET

The AirPods Pro redesign makes Apple's earbuds look a lot less weird in selfies

Commuting with the new noise-canceling AirPods puts me in a sealed-off state of mind.


Penn Station, noise cancellation and AirPods Pro: suddenly mellow.

Scott Stein/CNET

Google walkout 1 year on: Questions, pride and unmet demands

Last November, 20,000 Google workers protested the company -- and changed the tech industry in the process.

Google Walkout Me Too Protest
James Martin/CNET

The Xbox studio battling mental illness with video games and neuroscience

The Insight Project is Ninja Theory's ambitious plan to combine neuroscience, biometric sensors and game design to treat mental illness.

Jackson Ryan/CNET

In Motherless Brooklyn, Edward Norton channels an unlikely underdog

In a Q&A, the award-winning actor talks about Fight Club, the joys of streaming services like Netflix, and the new noir film he directed and wrote that opens in theaters Friday.


Norton with CNET's editor in chief, Connie Guglielmo

James Martin/CNET

2010-2019: Hello, goodbye and hello again, computer

A decade at CNET has shown me how computing has changed, from the rise and fall of the laptop -- to its eventual return in new forms.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Death Stranding review: A grueling journey that doesn't do its universe justice

For better or worse, there is nothing in this world quite like a Hideo Kojima game.

Death Stranding
Kojima Productions