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TSA testing ramped-up gadget screening at 10 US airports

There's no indication as to when, or if, the policy will be expanded nationwide.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Get ready to take more things out of bags this Memorial Day weekend if you're traveling out of certain US airports.

The Transportation Safety Administration confirmed on Twitter Wednesday that travelers "may encounter new procedures at 10 US airports this summer."

According to the TSA,

"Over the past year, TSA has been adjusting screening procedures at select US airports on a trial basis in an effort to improve screener performance at the checkpoint. There are no changes to what is allowed in carry-on bags. Travelers at select test locations may be asked to place certain electronics and other items in a separate bin for screening in an effort to declutter baggage. TSA will evaluate the results at these test locations to determine if any future checkpoint procedures should be altered. As we have said time and again, TSA continuously enhances and adjusts security screening procedures, both seen and unseen, to maintain the highest levels of security."

What this means for you if you're traveling through those (as yet unidentified) test airports:

  • Electronics beyond laptops may need to be removed from bags and screened separately.
  • This could add significant time to security checks.

This new policy doesn't change what can be taken as carry-on electronics on flights, and is separate from the Department of Homeland Security ban on carry-on laptops from certain Middle Eastern and African countries to the US.

The TSA didn't immediately respond to CNET's request for more details on the policy.