How to use folders in iOS 4

Learn how to use the Folders feature on Apple iOS 4 devices, such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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In the nearly two years that Apple has been selling apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch, I've accumulated pages and pages of them. I try to keep them organized, grouping games and similar apps together on separate pages--but it still involves a lot of flipping and searching to get where I want to go.

Apple's new Folders feature in iOS 4 offers a new approach to managing an ever-growing collection of apps, allowing you to group apps together under custom headings. Not only do folders cut down on the number of icons sprawling across your home screens, but the labels for each folder make for cleaner organization than a page-by-page system.

In the following CNET How To video, I demonstrate the process of creating folders, naming them, organizing them, and deleting them. I also include a few ideas I've found for making folders useful, but feel free to share your own techniques in the comments section below.


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