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How to troubleshoot a 'stuck' location indicator on iOS

Sometimes the location indicator on your iOS device just won't go away. This short video will show you how to figure out what app is causing it, and how to fix it.

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iOS 5 brought along with it the capability for apps to access your location in the background. An indicator is present when an app is pulling your location, but sometimes that indicator is on for no apparent reason. In this short video I cover how to figure out which app is causing the indicator to be present, and how to fix it.

If you aren't a video type of person, here's what you need to do.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select Location Services.
  3. Find an app with a purple indicator next to the toggle switch. This indicates the app is currently pulling your location at a set interval. You can turn it off either by changing a setting within the app, or turning off the location services switch for that particular app.

If none of the apps have a purple icon, then you will need to toggle each app that has a gray icon next to it. These are the apps that have accessed your location in the last 24 hours. Doing so will sometimes clear the location indicator in the status bar of your device.

The location indicator has driven me crazy in the past, so I hope that sharing this simple troubleshooting tip will prevent you from experiencing the same thing.