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How to: Take back your privacy from data brokers

Here are some examples of how you opt out from sites that harvest and collect your personal information.

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Data brokers, data harvesters, people finders: whatever you call them, they roll up a huge amount of real and deduced information about you to create a dossier on your life that anyone can buy or even browse for free. While the nuggets of information about you are already out there, the way these sites aggregate it makes a lot of people feel very invaded. Watch this video to see how you can opt out, to a degree, then use the links below to start taking back your privacy.

Opt-out tools:

Peek You (e-mail link): Include the address of your profile to have it suppressed.
Intelius: Fax a copy of your driver's license or state ID card with photo and document number crossed out to 425-974-6194. ZoomInfo: Search your name under people search, then click on the "Forward" link at the top of your profile. Your given e-mail address needs to match their e-mail address for you (if the site has it available). Fill out the required opt-out information, and send an e-mail to this address.