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How to get Microsoft News for iOS, Android and Windows 10

Microsoft's new news engine aims to take on Google News and Apple news.


Microsoft just announced Microsoft News.

Gerard Julien/AFP/Getty Images

On Wednesday, Microsoft unveiled Microsoft News, a news engine that curates articles from across the web and delivers them to your Microsoft feed. You can experience Microsoft News for yourself right away.

To start using Microsoft News on your phone, download the Microsoft News app. The app is currently available for both iOS and Android.

On Windows 10 devices, Microsoft News now powers the news feeds for the Microsoft Edge start page, News app, Skype, Xbox and Microsoft News also powers the news feed on, which you can use any internet-connected PC or Mac to get to.

Microsoft has been curating news since MSN launched in 1995, but 23 years later journalism and the way we consume news have changed. A recent study from the Reuters Institute found that alerts from aggregators such as Apple News and Google News are more important to the ways we consume digital news than ever. Microsoft News could help the company compete for more attention on your phone and computer.

Microsoft News uses AI, human editors and publishing partnerships to find stories from over 3,000 publications. It's available across the world and in 28 different languages.

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