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How to Stop Getting Deluged With Junk Mail

You can combat the avalanche of credit card offers, coupons and catalogs filling your mailbox.

A thick stack of junk mail
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A trip to the mailbox probably means being greeted by a cavalcade of unwanted credit card offers, political flyers and coupons that wind up going straight into the trash. It's annoying -- and environmentally wasteful: The Sierra Club estimates up to 100 million trees are chopped down every year to make junk mail.

While telemarketing calls can be stopped through the National Do Not Call Registry, eliminating unwanted mail might take a little persistence. 

Here's how to halt those financial offers, catalogs and other useless mail. 

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How to stop credit card, loan, mortgage and insurance junk mail

A good place to start is with financial junk mail, since it's the easiest to stop. The consumer credit reporting industry maintains its own opt-out list at

Simply provide your name and address and you can stop preapproved financial offers for either five years or permanently. (You can also opt back in to these offers if you change your mind later.) 

How to stop receiving catalogs

You can always cancel the catalogs you receive one by one by contacting each sender. Or Catalog Choice can do it for you, for free. Catalog Choice is a project related to The Story of Stuff and is funded solely by donations.

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After you register for a free account, search for catalogs by name and then remove yourself or others at your address (such as former residents) from the mailings. Catalog Choice will either manage the cancellation requests for you or point you to the page on the vendor's site where you can remove yourself.

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Catalog Choice also recommends registering with DMAchoice, a service run by the Data & Marketing Association that allows you to opt out of commercial mailings. It costs $2 for 10 years to request that your name be removed from direct-marketing lists in four categories: credit offers, catalogs, magazine offers and other mail offers. DMAchoice is also endorsed by the Federal Trade Commission.

PaperKarma is another paid service that can eliminate junk mailers. Snap photos of any junk mailer logo then upload to PaperKarma with the name you want removed, and the service will take care of the rest. 

PaperKarma costs $4 a month, $25 a year or $60 for a lifetime membership.

How to stop getting coupons and marketing offers

Those advertising flyers addressed to "Current Resident" and blue envelopes full of coupons you never use? They're harder to stop because of the USPS' Every Door Direct Mail service, which mail-bombs neighborhoods by address, not name.

You can make a big dent by taking your address off the biggest marketing lists. Just request to be removed from the mailing lists of major junk mail senders:

The kind of junk mail you can't stop

These services can't stop people from walking around your neighborhood and putting flyers or coupons in your mailbox or on your front stoop -- even if you have a placard against soliciting. In that case, you may have to politely ask the person dropping off circulars to skip your residence.

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