Take Glamor Shots of Hummingbirds With the New Bird Buddy Feeder

The smart bird feeder company gives you the chance to get up close and personal with the smallest birds around at CES 2023.

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Bird Buddy hummingbird feeder with a hummingbird.

Bird Buddy's new feeder will provide close-up looks at hummingbirds.

Bird Buddy

When Bird Buddy started shipping its smart bird feeders last year, it gave a lot of people a new glimpse into the lives of their backyard birds. The Bird Buddy's camera module takes pictures of birds that stop by for a seed or suet snack, identifies them and gives you the option to add their photos to your in-app collection and share them with the wider Bird Buddy online community.

A male northern cardinal perched on a bird feeder.

A northern cardinal visits a Bird Buddy feeder.

Bird Buddy

Now Bird Buddy is previewing a hummingbird feeder at CES 2023 to capture pictures and video of this smaller, flightier set of birds. The hummingbird feeder uses the same camera as the original feeder, so Bird Buddy owners will have the option of buying just the hummingbird feeder and moving their camera over. Bird Buddy is aiming to ship the hummingbird feeders sometime in 2023.

Bird Buddy also announced new accessories: a mounting pole, perch extender and fruit and jelly feeder attachments to attract a wider variety of birds and optimize your feeder to the birds you're most likely to see. You can add an optional squirrel baffle, depending how you feel about them raiding your bird feeders.

Bird Buddy also rolled out the Heartbeat Map, an online, real-time map of all feeder sighting.