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Hands-On With the Meater 2 Plus: This Smart Meat Probe Is Ready to Grill

One of our favorite grilling tools can now be used over an open flame.

James Bricknell Senior Editor
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James Bricknell
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The Meater 2 Plus meat probe in a joint of meat with the case next to it

Meater, the manufacturer of one of my favorite grilling tools, has updated its meat probe. The Meater 2 Plus, an evolution of the Meater Plus announced today, solves the biggest issue with the original: It can now be used over an open flame.

The Meater is a smart meat probe and app that can tell you your meat's internal temperature, helping you achieve the exact temperature you're looking for. Choose the type of protein and how well you want it done, then the Meater probe will track the temperature, tell you when to take it off the heat and, if you keep the probe in, tell you how long to let it rest and when to serve it. I've found it helpful because I love my steaks medium-rare, which can be tricky if you aren't careful.

The all-metal Meater 2 probe sticking in a steak with flames around it
James Bricknell/CNET

The Meater 2 Plus does all of the same things with the benefit of heat protection. The original could withstand a lot of heat, but the tip was made of plastic, it couldn't survive direct contact with flame or oil. The 2 Plus now has a stainless-steel ambient end that can withstand external temperatures of 932 degrees Fahrenheit (500 Celsius). This means you can grill it, sear it, air fry it and even put it in a deep fat fryer; and it'll still work as intended. The only part of the probe that's not metal is a special ceramic that lets the Bluetooth signal through.

That increased temperature range only makes the Meater 2 Plus more useful around the kitchen, and it allows you to cook with more types of meat I've tried it on the best grills of this year, and no matter what I used -- be it a smoker, gas grill or griddle -- the Meater 2 handled it like a champ. I even tried it on a chicken in my air fryer, and though the connection was a little spotty through the casing, it did the job. The chicken I roasted came out really well.

A close look at the Meater probe inside a steak
James Bricknell/CNET

Connection is handled via Bluetooth, and the base is an important part of that. Not only does it charge the probe while docked -- charging takes just 15 minutes to reach 50% -- it also has a built-in Bluetooth repeater to boost your connection. This means you can walk away from the base and still get notified when the food is ready.

I've only book cooking with the Meater 2 Plus for a week, but I'm impressed with its updates over the Meater Plus. The original was one of the best Christmas gifts I received over the last few years, and now that the Meater 2 Plus is going to be available just before Thanksgiving, I think I'll ask for one as an early gift for this Christmas.
The Meater 2 Plus will be available Nov. 6, 2023, at Meater.com and will retail at $120.