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Winter Storm Cheat Sheet: Get Yourself, Your Home and Your Pets Through Snow and Ice

Big winter storms are hitting the US. We've got a guide to help you prepare and get through them.

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A house on a snowy day.

Get your house and yourself safely through the next winter storm.

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Love it or hate it, we're in the depths of winter now. While the season brings cozy evenings and quiet, snow-covered landscapes, it also brings a new set of inconvenient and potentially dangerous weather, like this week's winter storms across much of the US. Blizzards, snow and ice storms and temperatures well below freezing can disrupt daily life in major ways. With a bit of preparation, you can avoid some of the worst effects of a winter storm.

Below we've collected all of our best winter storm-related tips, advice and education in one place. Whether it comes to preparing for a winter storm or finding the gear you need to keep the lights on during a blackout, you'll find expert answers to your questions below.

What weather can I expect this winter?

While there are no guarantees, parts of the United States have already experienced heavy snowfall this year. Freezing temperatures, ice and high winds could also be in store.

How can I prepare myself for a winter storm?

From staying warm to making sure you've got water on hand, there are some things you can do to keep you and your loved ones safe in a winter storm.

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How can I prepare my house for a winter storm?

Your house is there to protect you from the elements. You can take some steps before a big storm to limit any damage it sustains.

An icicle hanging from a kitchen sink.

Avoid frozen pipes, which make a huge mess if they break.

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What are my backup power options?

Whether you need to keep food or medicine cold or you just want to binge a TV show, here's what you need to know to get reliable back up power.

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