User to Symantec: Yeah, right!

In response to the Perspectives column written by Charles Cooper, "":

I sympathize with your feelings about Symantec completely. They have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with and I've been in the business for over 20 years.

I also had Symantec's Network 2003 Security installed. When I started to get those annoying pop-ups telling me to renew my subscription, I did what was directed to do and paid my money for the new subscription. After I paid, I was informed that support for the 2003 version was discontinued and that I would have to buy an upgrade to the 2005 version for more money.

After about five days and countless e-mails they told me that I would get a refund of my subscription renewal payment in six to eight weeks and that I should go ahead and buy the upgrade to Network Security 2005. Yeah, right! I asked how I could turn off the pop-ups because I couldn't buy a subscription renewal, and they told me I couldn't even turn off the pop-ups.

Geez! I'm going with McAfee...

Ken Warner
Mammoth Lakes, Calif.