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Three new Frank Lloyd Wright houses built for the internet

The houses were modeled in 3D six decades after the architect died.

A 3D rendering of a house Frank Lloyd Wright designed for Ayn Rand brings to life the cottage that was never built.

Three houses Frank Lloyd Wright designed but never built have been brought to digital life. The home contractor review site Angi had the houses modeled, and it published the results online in January, as reported by Wallpaper Magazine on Wednesday.


This house, newly rendered in 3D, was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for a client in Chicago in 1896.


The three houses span Wright's career, perhaps the most influential of any American architect. Angi provided 3D representations of both the floor plan and exterior of each unbuilt house. The earliest was designed in 1893 for Aline Devin, in Chicago. It has an imposing facade with arched entryways that Angi says are "atypical of Wright's works." But the low, sloping roof is similar to those of other houses Wright designed in the years after.


This 3D rendering shows the floor plan of a never built lodge Wright designed for a client in Lake Tahoe, California.


A lodge designed in 1923 to be built at Lake Tahoe, California, looks like a mix between a hunting lodge and a castle fortress, with a high peaked roof and a stark stonewall foundation.

The cottage studio designed in 1946 for the novelist Ayn Rand has similarities to Fallingwater, one of Wright's most famous homes. It was designed to look out over the ocean either in Connecticut or California, depending on where Rand's career took her, Angi reported.


This Frank Lloyd Wright design of a lodge at Lake Tahoe was never built, but it's been rendered for the first time in 3D.


In 1991, the American Institute of Architects named Wright, who lived from 1867 to 1959, the greatest American architect of all time. The most famous designs of his 70-year career, including Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, the Robie House in Chicago and the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, remain popular tourist attractions. They are part of the 532 designs of Wright's that were actually built, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation reports. Another 582 were never realized.

While no one knows how Wright would feel about his work being built digitally 60 years after his death, some of his fans are surely excited.